Skyjack: N29FJ -- Can-Am Super Pitts        

The Can-Am Super Pitts Airshow and Competition Airplane

The plane Steve Jackovich uses for both competition flying and when he set the World Time-To-Climb record was built by Rich Bastian of Burns, Wyoming and weighs in at an amazingly low 785 pounds when empty.

This highly modified Pitts S1 hybrid is powered by a Lycoming AEIO-360 on steroids, putting out 230+ horsepower while swinging a German made MT composite constant speed aerobatic propeller.

The wings were designed and built in Canada by former Canadian Aerobatic Champion Gordon Price. They produce a phenomenal unprecedented cosmic roll rate, which combined with all the other aerodynamic refinements and outstanding power to weight ratio, allow for a superb, original and unforgettable airshow performance.

Some of the maneuvers you will see at a Steve Jackovich Airshow:

1. Ape Hanger.
2. Krysta Loop.
3. Knife Edge flight, an outside Knife Edge Turn along with a Knife Edge Roll sequence.
4. A Jackovich original Helicopter Torque Roll.
5. Cascade Roll.
6. Segmented Hammerhead Turn with a twist.
7. Assorted Vertical and Horizontal Rolls, Slow Rolls and Point Rolls.
8. Volcano with a Tail Slide.
9. Rolling Half Loop.
10. Rolling Turns and Circles.
11. Vertical Reverse.
12. Torque Roll.
13. Lomcevak Variations.

*Along with the special surprise of a possible Inverted Harrier Pass and/or a Double Eventail.*

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