N40JU -- 10-200         

December 12, 2009

Hi Marty,

I saw Jay Womack’s 10-200 on your homepage and I have some questions regarding land gear, wheel pants and his smoke system. I think about some modifications on my 10-200 (N40JU) and hope he can give some advice.

Could you forward my email address to him please?

I've lost touch with Jay--the e-mail address I have doesn't work any more.

Thank you so much!

By the way: I managed to get in touch with Joe Underwood. He was the first owner of my airplane which is the prototype 10-200.

Best to you,


September 7, 2008

Hi Marty,

I bought N40JU from Heintje. Its new home is the airfield of Eichstaett (EDPE) in Germany .

The plane is great!

Bjoern Kuerten

See http://german-aerobatics.com/profilflugzeug/N40JU.htm for more photos & details on this plane.

June 16, 2006

Hi Marty,

Lately I had a look to your great websites, congratulations.

Maybe I could clarify some questions you mentioned in the owners column.

I own the Ultimate 10-200 N40JU, S/N200-002.

The Ultimate is located in Germany at the airfield Greiz (EDOT).

I bought the plane in 2001 from a German guy living in Australia.

Since 2001 I fly the plane during national and international championships in advanced category and airshows!

The problem flying the Ultimate in competition got harder the last years with the release of all 300+HP aircrafts like CAP, Extra 300 also.

Now it's hard to compete on a international theater with a smal 200 HP biplane.

Therefore I decided to build a new aircraft; a highly modified Laser. My heart is bleeding, but I'll sell the Ultimate to a good home!

If you want, you could add the sales flyer to your website. All data about the plane itself are mentioned there!

If you want more informations about the plane itself, please let me know...

Cheers, Heintje

Heintje Wyczisk
Sieglitzhofer Str. 51 D-91054
Erlangen, GERMANY

The Ultimate 10-200 was built 1986 by Ultimate Aerobatics Ltd. Canada,
S/N:200-002, 380 TTSN, US registered Experimental (N40JU), but completely factory built!