Joann Osterud and the Bluehawk         

C-GILB / N325GP -- 10-300S

Joann Osterud's Ultimate 10-300S--she purchased the original Bluehawk (C-GILB) and redecorated it for Budweiser:
Photos of the plane in "Safebaby" and "Parke Place" markings at

She crashed and destroyed the plane flying upside-down through a ring of fire at sunset in Arizona:


Do you know what happened to the Ultimate biplane that JoAnn Osteruud landed inverted at an air show? She was (I was told) making a low inverted pass over the runway, and kind of lost it.
She did show a lot of class when she rushed right up to the announcers stand and apologized to the crowd for frightening them.

She used to be a flight engineer with United; I worked with her some when I was a 727 Captain.

Just curious about the airplane.

Word was, it had just had a strengthened rudder post, and other engineering changes which probably saved her life. ...

Bill Glaze

She had been dismissed from the field for poor performance in the Reno races in Blind Man's Bluff

She had also broken a record for upside-down flight (aircraft type uncertain to me) in 1989:

Another site says it was 1991 and that the record was 4 hours, 38 minutes, and 10 seconds (!). A third site says the flight was fromVancouver to Vanderhoof, B.C.

She set a record for 208 loops in a Hyperbipe in 1989:



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