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EWTN Channel Finder

EWTN has its own page to help people find out how to obtain EWTN Television via local television providers. By entering your Zip Code on that page, you can see both cable services and satellite providers.

Time Warner

It seems that Time Warner has:

  1. Moved EWTN from its Basic Cable package to the Standard TV package and
  2. Changed the channel format from analog to digital.

Therefore, to receive EWTN television, you must have the right package and either an analog-to-digital converter or a digital subscription with a digital decoder.

Time Warner Localization page
Enter your Zip code in the Time Warner Localization page in order to see what package you need to receive EWTN via Time Warner cable services.

Alternatively, you may call Time Warner Cable customer service at 1-800-892-2253.

Those interested in receiving a free digital adapter can visit http://TWC.com/digitaladapter or call 1-855-286-1736.

Note well: This is what is reported on the internet. We cannot help you debug your system if the adapter does not work for you. You will have to contact Time Warner customer service directly.

If you learn something new not covered in these notes, please call us back (877-888-6279) or e-mail us to improve our understanding of the situation. Thanks!


Watertown Daily Times
By Ted Booker, Times staff writer, Thursday, 13 September 2012
The cable provider said it’s moving toward a digital-only experience to offer better picture and sound and more high-definition channels for customers. The following channels will be delivered in digital format only: CMT, C-SPAN, EWTN, Golf Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, OWN and truTV. While the channels will remain in customers’ cable packages, they will be viewable only using a digital set-top box, digital adapter or CableCARD. The change won’t affect any televisions now equipped with a digital set-top box.
Time Warner is offering customers who would like to view these channels on direct-connect analog televisions a digital adapter free of charge through November 2013. Adapters later will cost 99 cents a month, beginning in December 2013.
In addition, Time Warner Cable Sports channels will be moved from basic to standard service Oct. 10, and those with basic service no longer will have access to those channels. Time Warner Cable Sports will become channel 19.
Those interested in receiving a free digital adapter can visit http://TWC.com/digitaladapter or call 1-855-286-1736. Customers should connect the digital adapter on Oct. 10 or later.
StopTheCap.com "Time Warner Cable Begins Digital Cable Conversion in Upstate New York."
Philip Dampier, 12 September 2012
Time Warner Cable is alerting customers in upstate New York they are next in line for a gradual transition away from analog cable television service.
But unlike the near-complete switch to digital affecting many customers in Maine, the cable operator plans a less jarring shift in New York, beginning with switching 4-7 channels to digital format between Oct. 10-17.
Time Warner will also introduce New York customers to the company’s digital transport adapter (DTA). The digital adapter was designed for televisions currently direct connected to cable without a set top box. Time Warner’s DTA will convert digital signals to standard definition analog, so customers can get back the channels they lost in the digital switch without the monthly expense of a traditional set top box.
Time Warner plans to offer its New York customers free DTA equipment until the end of November, 2013 — after which the boxes will cost 99 cents a month. (Time Warner’s DTA website claims the boxes will be available without cost until the end of 2014.)
Customers using DTA equipment will not be able to use them to watch premium channels, but will get back any basic channels that were previously converted to digital-only format and those channels switched in the future.
The channels being dropped from analog service vary in each upstate city. Time Warner is notifying customers by mail about the specific channels that will be dropped in each area, but here is a rough breakdown:
Rochester: CMT, C-SPAN, EWTN, Golf Channel, Lifetime Movie Network*
Buffalo: C-SPAN, EWTN, CFTO (CTV), E!*, CNN International*, OWN*, WXPJ (Ion)*, Discovery Fit and Health*
Syracuse: CMT, C-SPAN, EWTN, Golf Channel, Lifetime Movie Network, OWN, truTV

Verizon FIOS

It appears that EWTN is available in the Verizon FiOS Standard TV package. As far as I can tell, the cable TV is bundled with internet and telephone service; I'm doubtful that it can be purchased separately.

To find out whether Verizon FiOS is available in your area, visit the Verizon "plans" page and click on the link to view the "channel lineup." By putting your zip code in the popup window, you will learn whether Verizon is available in your area.