Easter Parade (1948) movie review

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"Top Five Movies to Watch over Easter Weekend."
Easter Parade (1948)
The Good Lord doesn't only reveal himself through religious films. There is a great big beautiful world out there filled with 7 billion fascinating, unique, imperfect human beings. God gave us faith but we were also given a gift to feel joy through art of all kinds.
And art reached its pinnacle with the MGM musical.
That is not hyperbole. I've believed this for years. At the height of their power from 1948 to 1952, the MGM musical represented the zenith in the human animal's ability to create beauty and spread joy. Almost every conceivable art form is brought together in these extraordinary films: dance, choreography, song, music, orchestration, performance, color, painting, sculpture, design, fashion, photography, and the written word.
And for a half-dozen years, through a handful of secular films, God and Creation came alive through a man-made artistry every bit as beautiful as the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, a sunset, or the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.
"Easter Parade" has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the daily miracles and proof of God that are always all around us.
If Judy Garland's voice and Fred Astaire's grace and Ann Miller's energy and Irving Berlin's song and the dazzle of Technicolor can't make you BELIEVE … If 107 minutes of a smile plastered across your can't make you BELIEVE… I'll say a prayer for you.
Happy Easter, everyone.