St. Peter Faber, SJ

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"Father, in Jesus' Name, give me your Spirit."

Faber's Prayer for Detachment

I beg of you, my Lord
to remove anything which separates
me from you, and you from me.

Remove anything that makes me unworthy
of your sight, your control, your correction;
of your speech and conversation;
of your benevolence and love.

Cast from me every evil
that stands in the way of my seeing you,
hearing, tasting, savoring, and touching you;
fearing and being mindful of you;
knowing, trusting, loving, and possessing you;
being conscious of your presence
and, as far as may be, enjoying you.

This is what I ask for myself
and earnestly desire from you.


"Stranger in a strange land: Blessed Peter Faber." Edited to my taste.