Hebrew names

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Angelic names

  • Michael: "Who is like unto God?" or "Who is equal to God?"
  • Gabriel: "Man of God" or "Might of God."
  • Raphael: "God's healing" or "God the Healer" (Tobit 3:17, 12:15).
  • Uriel: "Fire of God," or "Light of God" (III Esdras 3:1, 5:20; non-canonical).

Human names

  • Ishmael: God listens.
  • Israel: "He fought God."
  • Daniel: "God is my judge."
  • Samuel: "God has heard."
  • Immanuel: "God is with us."
  • Eli: "My God."
  • Elijah: "My God is Jah."
    • "Jah" is part of the Divine Name revealed to Moses. It turns up again in "Hallelu-Jah," which means "Praise Jah" or "Praise the LORD."
  • Elihu: "He is my God."
  • Eliezar: "God is my help."
  • Elizabeth: Elizabeth or Elisabeth is the Greek translation of the Hebrew name Elisheva, meaning "God's promise," "oath of God," or "I am God’s daughter." Elizabeth and Elisabeth are the parent unit names of Lisa, Lilly, Lizzie, Liz, Beth, Betty, Ella, Elisa, Elise, and Eliza; Elsa, Bitsy, Betsy, Isabel, and Isabella are etymologically related variants.


  • Bethel: "House of God."
  • Ariel: Name for Jerusalem; "lion of God."