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Somebody somewhere at some time blended the material from Matthew and Luke into the form of the Lord's prayer that has become embedded in the Mass (Eucharist). Our English version is from the Anglican (Episcopalian = "bishops' Church") translations begun under the auspices of Henry VIII (1491-1547), founder of the Anglican Church; the Book of Common Prayer was first published in 1549.

Henry had six wives:

Catherine of Aragon Divorced; the marriage was not annulled by the Pope. Mother of Queen Mary (Catholic queen, known as "bloody Mary" for burning hundreds at the stake).
Anne Boleyn Mother of Queen Elizabeth I (Protestant Queen). Executed by Henry on charge of adultery and treason.
Jane Seymour Mother of King Edward VI. Died after giving birth to Edward, who was king (Protestant) from age 9 to age 15. Henry's favorite wife.
Anne of Cleves Her marriage to Henry was annulled by the Anglican Church.
Kathryn Howard Probably committed adultery. Executed by Henry on that charge.
Katherine Parr Outlived Henry. Remarried and died in childbirth.

To me, Henry's life wasn't very edifying. But I love the version of the Lord's Prayer that came out under his auspices.

"God writes straight with crooked lines."