I Hate MicroSoft Word

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I have used WordPerfect since 1984.

It is pretty much a total failure in the academic world.

Everyone uses Microsoft Word as the default word processor for academic articles and books.

I have to learn how to use Word in order to submit articles in the format that editors desire.

I also need to teach my students how to override the defaults in Word to produce papers that meet my standards.

Change the Microsoft default spacing between paragraphs

Here is a video tutorial on how to set up double-spacing both within and between paragraphs.

Different page numbers in different sections

The important technique to grasp is to create sections FIRST and assign each section its own header/footer and page numbering conventions.

By default, no matter where you are in a document, Microsoft Word will put page number footers on EVERY [expletive] page, no matter where in the document you perform the action of inserting page numbers. This is very frustrating, but it is the NORMAL way in which Word operates. If you have not created separate sections from the beginning, you may spend hours searching the internet for advice on how to get individual formats for each section.

Complex format

This is for long papers that need prefatory material before the body of the article.

Title page: no page numbers
Front matter: Roman numerals, start at i.
Components that go in this part of the essay: dedication, table of contents, abbreviations, preface, introduction, etc. I'm not sure of the canonical order for these things. I only look them up when I have to.
Body: Arabic numerals, start at 1.

Simple format

Title page: no page numbers
Body: Arabic numerals, start at 1.