Introducing Treasury Questions

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Possible ways to segue into "extra material" that we have collected in the Treasury of Unanswered Questions:

  • "Before the show we were talking about _________________. Would you like to share a few thoughts on that topic with our listeners?"
  • "At Mass, you mentioned that ________________. Could you explain that further?"
  • "In your notes for the show, you have a quote from our Calling All Catholics Facebook fan page. '____________________.' What's that all about?"
  • "We were talking with some of the staff here at the station about _______________________. What do you think about that?"

Coded questions

Time to make a pitch for some input from our listeners.
"Father, would like you tell our listeners how to contact us?"
Please talk about the apps.
"We should remind our listeners about other ways to tune in when they are away from their radios."
Take a water break, Father!
"You are listening to Calling All Catholics on The Station of the Cross. I'm {name of moderator} and I am {position at station} ... We have stations in ... "