Irreplaceable (2014) movie review

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This was a one-time theatrical engagement on May 6, 2014. I presume the film will eventually become available as a DVD or as an online movie.

"Focus On The Family Presents: Irreplaceable (2014)."
77% positive rating from the audience.
Fathom Events, Focus on the Family(TM) and Pine Creek Entertainment invite you to explore "What is family - and does it still matter in today's society?" in the one-night cinema event Irreplaceable. Broadcast to select movie theatres nationwide on Tuesday, May 6 at 7:30 pm (local time), join host Tim Sisarich as he meets with experts around the globe to explore this fascinating subject in a documentary and panel discussion that will discuss views on family and its role in society.

Notes to myself

Focus on Family Presents: Irreplaceable

I hate the meme of traveling the world to solve the problem of marriage. Is that really necessary? Can't think about the Greeks without getting some photos of Athens?

Necessity of a movie. Not necessity of thought.

What is family?

Battleground: state vs. family

Put family first--help the state.

Put state first, state collapses.

Hookup culture. STD epidemic!

Player and slut

Fire in a fireplace: good. Fire elsewhere: bad.

The narrator accepts divorce "where there is danger." The Church allows civil divorce and legal separation, but not an attempt at remarriage unless the first marriage is found to have been "null and void."

Task: become compatible.

163 million girls aborted. Gendercide.

92% of children diagnosed with Down Syndrome prenatally are aborted.

Story of his Dad's adultery. Well-written. Surprise ending, meeting his Dad on the beach.

"A redeemed marriage is better than a perfect marriage." Crazy talk. All of our marriages need redemption, don't they? Who can choose between the two?

HOPE for marriage.

GOD the Father is irreplaceable.

Marriage is irreplaceable.

Parents are irreplaceable.

Kids are irreplaceable.