Jesus and the Holy Spirit

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In His divine nature, Jesus is, of course, always intimately united with the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit may be understood as the love between the Father and the Son and as the very Spirit of the Father and the very Spirit of the Son--the Holy Spirit is their Spirit, one Spirit, one Person shared between two Persons.

When God, the Son, took on a human nature, the Spirit came to him in that human nature in many ways:

  • He was conceived by the Holy Spirit (Mt, Lk).
  • He shared the Holy Spirit with John in the womb (Lk 1).
  • He was anointed by the Holy Spirit when He was baptized by John (Mt, Mk, Lk).
  • The Spirit "drove him into the desert" to fast and pray (Mk 1:12).
  • He fulfilled the prophecy of Isaiah: "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me ..."
  • He promised to send that same Spirit to his disciples (Lk, Jn).