Jewish roots of Christianity

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Salvation comes from the Jews


Jesus was a Jew.

Paul was a Jew--a Pharisee of Pharisees.

Luke portrays the earliest Christians worshiping "in the Temple daily."

The Jews have a permanent, covenantal relationship with God.

Messianic Jews

Strange blend of old and new.

Essentially Protestant literalists, but with a new twist: they apply Torah to themselves, just as the first generation of Christians did (Jesus, Paul, the mother Church in Jerusalem).

They call themselves "Messianic" because "Messiah" is the Hebrew (Jewish) word for "Christ."

Some of the dynamism in Protestantism comes from the quest to return to the original form of Christianity. Measured by this standard, the Messianic Jews outdo all other Protestants, for they resurrect a form of Christianity that died with the destruction of the Temple in AD 70.

Jews for Jesus

Jews for Jesus is a particular form of Messianic Judaism. The title of the group is an apt description of the original form of Christianity because all of Jesus' apostles and disciples were Jewish, as were He and His mother, Mary.