Loyola Hall

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Loyola Hall
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208
(716) 888-2383

From I-90 East, take Exit #51 onto Route 33 West (Buffalo).

Three or four miles later, exit onto 198 West (Scajaquada Parkway).

The very first exit, within a quarter of a mile, is Main Street.

The exit puts you on Humboldt Parkway, which runs parallel to the expressway.

At the first stop sign, turn left onto Kensington Avenue.

At the first light, turn left onto Main Street.

Drive past Glendale and Eastwood streets on the left.

150 feet past Eastwood, there are two driveways on the left that lead into the campus. One has a pretty clear EXIT sign; the other has an Entrance sign that is very hard to read. It is just past the fire hydrant.

If you miss the entrance, you will very shortly drive past a circular, red-brick building (Churchill Tower). Turn around and try again.

When you drive into the parking lot, Loyola Hall is about a hundred yards in front of you. To get there, you drive under the pedestrian overpass that connects Old Main to Wehle Technology, and find a parking space somewhere nearby in the spaces marked for Loyola Hall Residents only. On weekends, you may park in the Faculty parking spaces closer to Main Street.

Front Door of Loyola Hall

The front door faces the quadrangle. There is a telephone inside the front door with which you can dial my extension (2383). If I'm not right there, you will get a marvelous digital recording that should tell you what I'm doing. Of course, if you have a cell phone, you can also call 888-2383 and let me know when you're getting close.

Loyola Hall Front Door.jpg