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Thoughts for how to run the show

  • Use ending music for intro music? This is not an "Ask a Priest" day, but "Ask Matt."
  • Chorus by Mike: "Fr. Marty Moleski and I are with our special guest, Matt Ingold, from "The King's Men Ministry," to talk about "Converting Men to Christ."
  • Goal: get our callers to ask Matt questions. Questions from me and from Mike will be just to pave the gaps between questions from callers.
  • Website:

Background information

Matt Ingold of the King’s Men ministry.
Matt Ingold arrived at The King’s Men in August of 2013.
  • Director of Healing and Retreat Programs for the King's Men
- "Into the Wild"
- "Samson Healing Retreat programs."
  • United States Naval Academy with a BS in History, followed by completion of his MA in American History from the University of Maryland, Matt received his commission and served for seven years in the United States Marine Corps.
  • two week-long immersion courses at the Theology of the Body Institute.
  • two deployments
  • three years training and educating junior Marine officers in principles of tactics, ethics, and leadership at The Basic School, the Marine Corp’s officer development school.
  • Through prayer, Matt and his wife, Erin, felt God’s call to depart the earthly battlefield and enter more fully into the spiritual fight, now in the Blessed Mother’s militia. He and his beautiful wife Erin have been married since 2011, and are thrilled to be a part of The King’s Men team.

Possible Questions

Personal background

  • How old are you?
  • Married? [Erin]
  • For how long? [2011]
  • Children?
  • What college did you attend?
  • Marine Corps service ...
  • Directly from the Marines to the King's men? [2013--been there one year]

The King's Men

  • Founders? [Tony Luna, Damian Wargo and Mark Houck]
  • When? [2004 .. Sunday July 23, 2006. “The Quest for Masculine Spirituality.” Monday August 28, 2006.]
  • Where did it start? ["Theology of the Body"--men's accountability]
  • How has it grown? 14 states, 3 countries, 46 parishes, 24 dioceses, tens of thousands of men
  • How big is the group?
  • Motto: "Leader, Protector, Provider"
  • Headquarters?

Men's Spirituality

The Problem

  • How do you understand what is wrong with masculine spirituality in today's culture?
Seven Deadly Sins for Men
Lust: Pornography, masturbation, fornication, adultery, treating wives as objects, artificial methods of birth control, abortion, divorce; same-sex attracted men.
- destructive imagery of men in modern media.
- "Church is for women."
- "I don't need a God or a Savior."
Greed: Money, work, fame, power.
Gluttony: Alcoholism, drugs, food.


  • What, in your experience, has proven to be most helpful in helping men encounter Jesus and follow him faithfully?
  • Father-son relationships?
  • Brother-to-brother--male bonding. "Fight for the man next to you."
  • "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another."
  • There are some things that only men can do for men. It is false to think that women can be both father and mother to a son. Men form men into men.
About TKM
TKM Mission
"to unite and build up other men in the mold of leader, protector, and provider through education, formation, healing, and action."
Four Pillars of TKM
Battles, Presentations, Talks.
Workshops / Seminars.
TKM Speakers.
"No More Porn Tour."
Core Values of TKM
1. We work in the apostolate and live out our daily lives 100% in accordance with the Magisterium.
2. We are 100% pro-life from the moment of conception to natural death.
3. We believe that pornography can be a root cause of the following: fornication, adultery, sexual abuse, rape, incest, the contraceptive mentality, divorce and abortion.
4. We believe that pornography hurts families, destroys marriages and victimizes women and children, whom, we as men must defend, protect and serve.
5. We believe that a man must be engaged in a noble battle if he is going to truly live out his vocation to lead, mentor, protect, and provide.
6. We believe that through humility, accountability and sacramental grace a man can find freedom from sexual sin and addiction.
7. We believe that a man must seek formation on a natural level so he can begin and continue to make progress in his spiritual life.
8. We believe that a man must lead through his weakness.
9. We believe that a daily prayer life is essential for a man’s spiritual growth.
10. We believe that a man must align himself with a group of men who will both support and challenge him in all areas of his life.
11. We believe that a man must be actively seeking spiritual growth and development in virtue, especially the cardinal and theological virtues.
12. We believe that a man should be daily seeking an opportunity whereby he can better listen, understand and obey God’s will for him.

Story of TKM
Into the Wild Retreats

Building on the principle that “Grace builds upon nature”, Into the Wild is primarily an outdoor, skill-oriented weekend focused on providing men with experiences linked to a man’s natural vocation of Leader, Protector, and Provider.

Sep 25 -Sep 28 |Into the Wild
Allegany State Park
Sep 30 -Sep 30 |40 Days for Life
Philadelphia: PP at 12th and Locust
Oct 9 -Oct 12 |Into the Wild
Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation
Nov 13 -Nov 16 |Into the Wild
Ville Platte, LA
Chicot State Park
Samson Retreats
Nov 6 - Nov 9 2014 |Samson Healing Retreat
Hammonton, NJ
Discovery House
Mar 26 - Mar 29 2015 |Samson Healing Retreat
Hammonton, NJ
Discovery House

Samson Retreat is held at the Discovery Retreat House. [3730 Richards Avenue, Mullica Township (Nesco), NJ 08037.] More information about the retreat house can be found at the Discovery House website.

"Then Samson prayed to the Lord, 'O Sovereign Lord, remember me! O God, please strengthen me just once more'..." Judges 16:28
This healing outreach of The King's Men apostolate is designed to offer men hope and healing from past hurts, pain and current struggles in their lives.
TKM Radio

7 pages of podcasts. Last: 7/12/2013.

TKM Men's Groups

Link for meeting information and locations.

- Begin with the Holy Rosary (~20 Minutes) - Reading and Discussion of a masculine spirituality book (~1 Hour) - Accountability, “The Four C’s” (~30 Minutes) - Closing Prayer

These small group meetings are designed for men of all ages (18 years and older) and state in life (single, married and religious.)

How can women help?

Suggested Reading?

  • TKM Handbook, Author: Mark Houck
  • Delivered, Contributing Author: Mark Houck
  • Man to Man; Dad to Dad, contributing Author: Mark Houck