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Teaching "Media Techné" is a large part of the środowisko event. Techné incorporates familiarity with both technology and techniques and aims at the artistic creation of a media project that represents the reflection of a small group.

The środowisko events began as a "Media Mission Camp" and have always included reflection on the link between community and communication.

Elements include:

1) Introduction to new media and video production. Theological and theoretical aspects of using new media. Video communication as the art of light.
2) Organization of production: Roles and goals
3) Writing for the video: How do project treatments, scripts and storyboards
4) Audio Basics: Introduction to the microphones and their use
5) Introduction to composition for photography and video
6) Introduction to lighting for video
7) How to interview and be interviewed, different styles of interviews, how to talk to a camera.
8) The studio floor
9) Introduction to post-production audio and music
10) Graphics and special effects, color correction and light, screen titles and subtitles
11) Editing: The grammar of video editing, exploring the languages ​​of different styles, the introduction of digital video editing software
12) How to publish and / or distribute media: Youtube and beyond