Mexican National Catholic Church

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The Mexican National Catholic Church was formed by the Mexican government in 1928.

  • Priests may marry and have families.
  • Individuals may divorce and remarry, being reconciled to the Church through the grace of God and are not excluded from the Sacraments.
  • Artificial contraception is an issue of conscience between the husband, wife and God.
  • No Christian is excluded from the sacramental ministry.
  • All baptized Christians are invited to participate in the worship and sacraments of the Church.
  • We recognize the Declaration of Utrecht, a translation of the Profession of Faith, formulated by Old Catholic Bishops assembled September 24, 1889.
  • Priests who have left other Catholic Churches because they fell in love and married may join the Mexican National Catholic Church if they are otherwise fit to serve and the Archbishop approves their service.
  • Priests are given the option to use any liturgy that has had prior approval from the Archbishop.
  • The Bible is clear on the issue of homosexuality as is tradition and teaching of the church fathers.
  • A homosexual is barred from seminary and all ministry by canon law in our jurisdiction.