Mom's broken Wedgwood plate

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2016-06-11 008.JPG

There was a crudely repaired bowl of some sort in Mom's estate.

I could make out portions of "Wedgwood" on the back.

Google helped me find a match: "Antique Wedgwood Majolica Bowl with Grape Leaves."

Wedgwood Majolica.jpg

"This majolica piece is quite beautiful and still functional in spite of its several flaws (of course, priced accordingly). Very easy to display with pride!
"It is rare to find these in excellent condition, and this is no exception. The very handsome design features open work handles of vines and twigs with the leaves from those twins coming down into the bowl. The sides of the bowl are embossed to represent a basketweave pattern and the scalloping is done to appear like more branches or vines.
"The condition exhibits several flaws - from small pattern crazing (typical of earthenware items), spider webbing (on the reverse), some staining, and a few chips (on the handles and shown in photos).
"'Wedgwood' is impressed in the reverse. The camera nor our eye could decipher other impressed marks which would probably pinpoint the specific date and yeear of manufacture. Circa 1870s.
"The bowl measures approx. 11 1/2" x 8 1/2" x 2 1/2".
"In 'mint' condition (extremely rare), this would sell (at auction) for $600-900.00. In compromised condition, this particular sought after design by Wedgwood regularly sells in the $275-395.00 price range. You can draw your own conclusion as to whether this is or isn't a true bargain!"