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Materials 2016

Procedures 2016


  • scrap paper for drawing
  • black markers
  • mesh
  • tiles
  • mortar
  • additive
  • brushes for cleaning


Step 1. Choose a symbol of faith and draw it on a piece of paper.

Step 2. Cover your drawing with a piece of plastic and trace it with a marker.

Step 3. Cover the plastic with a piece of mesh.

Step 4. Break tiles and begin arranging the pieces on the mesh.

Step 5. When you've arranged all of your pieces, carefully remove the mesh (with your mosaic) from the plastic.

Step 6. Cover the plastic with a new piece of mesh.

Step 7. Mix a SMALL portion of mortar with the additive.

Step 8. Fill in a portion of your drawing with mortar and begin transferring the corresponding pieces. Cover the bottom of each mosaic piece with mortar before pressing it into the mortar on the mesh.

Step 9. When the mortar has set (when the pieces do not move), begin cleaning your mosaic.

Step 10. Let your mosaic dry flat for 3 to 5 days.

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