Mystery Messengers

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What is it?

Mystery Messengers grew out of Camp Guggenheim's "Christkins."

The names of participants and leaders are printed out, cut up, and mixed up in a basket; then, each participant and leader draws a name and becomes a Mystery Messenger for that person.

Terms (Sro-Lingo)

The Mystery Messenger is the sender.

The ... is the receiver.

O-Gram: This is a Camp Guggenheim term.

Booklet Blurb

At the beginning of the week, we exchanged names, and each person received someone to pray for and build up with affirmation throughout the week. You may not know this person, or you may know her very well... either way, don’t forget her name! (It’s best to write it down somewhere in secret or in code.)

Look out for this person, try to find a way to let her know you are thinking of her—write a note, compose a poem, leave a flower, be there for her if she is lonely, send a message at one of the meals. (Only affirming messages will be acceptable – come up with some creative new ways to say “you’re special.”)

Just try to keep it a secret until we reveal “Mystery Messengers” at the end of the week!

Need ideas for your MM?
Write a poem or song.
Pray a rosary or chaplet.
Create a scavenger hunt that leads to an affirming note.
Leave words of affirmation in her/his pizza box.
Draw a picture.
Send a message at a meal. (Talk to a leader.)
Leave a bible verse on her/his pillow.
Pick a bouquet of wildflowers.
Ask a leader to serve her/his meal.