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"Marriage Action in Annapolis":
Inside the capitol Tuesday morning, marriage-equality supporters included Rev. Joseph F. Steward and his life partner Rev. Monsignor William H. Christ of Baltimore, archbishop and vicar general, respectively, of their own New Catholic Church of North America.
Personally I think it's something that we desperately need in Maryland, Christ said of marriage equality. We're in the 21st century and I know there's been a lot of other clergy that oppose it because of biblical beliefs, and to me those beliefs don't hold water. Because if you were to follow the Bible by the letter of the law we would have laws allowing bigamy and we would have laws outlawing divorce. We're all human beings and we're all children of God. You see so many times people saying 'What would Jesus do?' And given today's day and time, I think Jesus would perform a same-sex marriage between two people who love.

The New Catholic Church Of North America

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