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4:00 Arrival

  • Name tags
  • Payment Balance
  • Choose sleeping spaces

4:30 Orientation

  • Teams gather at assigned tables
Optional: game to reveal team members
  • Prayer
  • Icebreaker
Bingo, quiz show, draw-a-vacation, etc.
  • What is Środowisko? What is this event?
  • Who are the people (Tremblays, kitchen staff, group leaders, chaplain)?
  • Brief overview of the week's theme
  • Notes on the booklet
  • Overview of the schedule and the Srodowisko Activity Board
  • Rules
No tech at talks and meals
Don't eat it without asking
Fire and medical emergencies - call 911
  • Location of First Aid
  • Notes on trash and recycling
  • Tour of things

6:00 Vespers

6:30 Dinner

  • Use paper plates and disposable cups (There is no assigned dish team on Sunday night.)
  • Pig bucket and trashcan under the pavillon

7:30 Team Activity

  • Introductions, group building activities, projects.
  • In 2014, this hour also included a period of silence, allowing each person to choose a scripture verse in response to the prayer written in the booklet he or she had received. Scripture verses were then anonymously written in the booklets, which were returned to their owners the following day.

8:30 Evening Event

  • Initiation Chant
  • Icebreakers/games, e.g., Family Feud, Undoing the Knot, Trust Walk

9:30 Compline

10:30 Lights Out