Praying with the liturgy

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The problem with liturgy in the vernacular: people no longer study the parts of the Mass. The do not come to Mass equipped with a missal to help them follow what is going on. The missal has been reduced to the missalette, which provides no resources for private prayer and meditation during the Mass.

It's now a spectator sport. "Entertain me. Your job is to move me."

This is why the new liturgies are structured as rock concerts are. Music, staging, sound, lighting, and special effects.

The increase in the use of Scripture means that I now have THREE missals with me on retreat. There is no longer just one that someone could use for years and years.

Commentary on the Mass: we need to teach people anew how to pray and meditate during the Mass--how to exercise the priesthood of the faithful by offering themselves in union with the self-sacrifice of Jesus.

"So few words, so much meaning."