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http://quaesit.us Rebecca Pawloski's newly conceived [uber-academic cooperative.]


Some graduate students have gotten help from other academics a world away.

Some degree programs require that the student or their delegate appear in person to complete key transactions such as delivering a completed thesis, picking up a diploma, or other legal or quasi-legal documents that cannot be entrusted to the mail.

Could there be a way of making research services available to remote students via the internet?


Provide a site for people who need some research done for them to get help from people who have access to university resources.

Means to achieve the goal

System design

  • registration for free?
  • people who need academic services ask for what they need
  • people who are willing to provide services advertise their availability
  • no charge for seeking or offering services
  • those who successfully negotiate a service will be asked to donate 5% of the proceeds to quaesit.us

site design

  • domain name purchased
  • freely configurable server needed
  • registration system needed:
- Forum?
- Mailing list?
- Content management system?
- wiki?
  • mobil app?


  • The longer someone offers services on the list, the higher they should rank.
  • The more services they perform successfully, the higher they should rank.
  • The more positive feedback they receive, the higher they should rank.
  • Questors should be able to name their own price for their services. Inquirers may then decide for themselves how much precision or expertise they need.
- Separate registration procedure for questors and inquirers.


Craig's list

Ads are chronological rather than ordered by merit, experience, or price.

Last in is first up.

People who want to stay on the list have to keep posting new ads periodically.

Angie's List



Mechanical Turk



How do they work?

How do they make money?

How do they get a fair share without driving away participants?


Craigslist Clone Gold


Is there a way to FORCE people to pay their share for the support of the website?


Motivation to work in the library.

Sense of community with other students.

Providing services that are hard to find for students.

Funds for retreats and other corporal and spiritual works of mercy.

Building the Body of Christ.

Preparing the Church for the next Council.