Spanish Civil War (1936-1939)

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Nacionales--rebels Republicans--elected in 1933
Generalissimo Francisco Franco (dictator)
"Right-wing": supported by Nazi Germany, Kingdom of Italy, and Portugal. Some monarchists? Supported by Italy and Germany. Reds, socialists: supported by Soviet Union and Mexico.
Anti-Communist, "Christian civilization," Catholic Secular and anti-Catholic; banned the Jesuits in 1931; killed clergy and laity; some anarchists
"Nacionales" (Nationalists), "Francoists," "Fascists" "Loyales" (Loyalists), "the Popular Front," "the Government," "the reds"
People's Republican Army
White terror: 200,000 deaths ("limpieza," cleaning up; 20 Protestant ministers murdered; 22,000 Basques) Red terror: 38,000 (including many clerics)
George Orwell fought on behalf of the Republicans.
"Spanish Civil War."
What people in Spain forget today is that Franco, despite the human rights abuses at the time of the Civil War, single-handedly preserved the union of Spain as a single entity. In his absence, Spain could quite possibly have disintegrated into several entities - Andalusia, Basque Country, Aragon, Galicia, Asturias, Catalonia and Canary Islands. He kept Adolf Hitler at a distance and ensured that Spain never entered the Second World War. To Franco’s credit, he restored the constitutional monarchy with Juan Carlos II - grandson of King Alfonso XIII - when he named him as the next head of State in 1969, and Spain eventually returned to a democratic form of government.