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Bad Things Happen to Good People

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Suffering with Jesus
I blame God for the presence of evil in the universe. If it is not He who allows His creatures freedom to do evil, then who does? It is He who created a universe within which innocent children suffer, the good die young, and the evil get away with murder. And it is He who loved us so much that He gave His only-begotten son to be our savior, so that "whosoever believeth in Him may not die but may live forever" (Jn 3:16).
== Why do innocent children suffer? ==
Why do children suffer? Because God loves them. Because this is what is best for them and for all of us. How do we know this? By studying Jesus. He suffered innocently--unjustly. No sin on His part. He suffered for our sins.
Primitive insight: life is good. Suffering is evil. Not fair for suffering to be inflicted on a good person for no reason. Where there is evil, there must be sin. Personal responsibility. Adam and Eve let hell loose on earth. We wouldn't experience this as evil if it weren't for the destruction of our relationship with God through Original Sin and the consequent darkness that surrounds us.
The question causes me profound anxiety and distress. Birth defects, accidents, and physical or psychological damage done in childhood are serious evils and real tragedies. We see the evil clearly; we do not see God's response to the evil as clearly, except by developing the eyes of faith.
God's answer to this question is the Cross and the Resurrection of Jesus.
All innocent suffering will be rewarded, just as Jesus' innocent suffering on the Cross was rewarded by His resurrection and glorification at the right hand of the Father. God is love. He allows evil to befall us because He is love. Love, not evil, has the last word. Suffering and death will pass away; love remains. All of our tears will be kissed away, and all of our sorrow will be turned into joy. We say, "Lord, it would be better if these suffering children had never existed!" The Father replies, "My glorified children and I disagree. Wait a moment and you will see what great good I can bring out of evil."
== Suffering with Jesus ==

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