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* Nick from Facebook: “Is it OK for a priest to use white wine at Mass? Red wine would have a better resemblance to blood, wouldn't it? If priests may use white wine, I guess that might signify the purity of Jesus' divinity.”
== August 6 ==
* I forgot to give the URL for http:''// to Jen from Rochester last week! I have a page on this wiki about the [[sins of priests]], which includes a link to [ "The Judas Factor."] I also did a page to my own taste on [[Doctors of the Church]]--in chronological order!
* I'd like to give a shout out to my family, who may be listening to the show down at "the farm" (the family camp near Little Valley).
* '''[ Feast of the Transfiguration.]'''[ Today's readings.] Notes on the [[Transfiguration]]--comparing the three versions of the story.
* Nick from Facebook: "Is it OK for a priest to use white wine at Mass? Red wine would have a better resemblance to blood, wouldn't it? If priests may use white wine, I guess that might signify the purity of Jesus' divinity."
* Kevin from e-mail:
** I came across this video today and thought you might enjoy it: http:''//
** Fr. Robert J. Spitzer, S.J. has recently published a book, ''New Proofs for the Existence of God: Contributions of Late Twentieth Century Physics and Philosophy.'' An excerpt (table of contents & introduction) is [ available here.]
== July 9 ==
* [ Today's readings.] "Behold, I am sending you like sheep in the midst of wolves; so be shrewd as serpents and simple as doves" (Mt 10:16).
* Provide link to http:''// for followup material to last week's questions.
=== Last Week's Show ===
* Marie from Rochester: Was wondering if Father could recommend any sources for explaining Marian Doctrine
** From Jason: http:''//** From Awesome: http:''//
** [ Old Catholic Encyclopedia.]
* Jason from Orlando: 1.) When you make a choice on what you think is God's will and it doesn't seem to be working, how do you know if you should concede or not? And 2.) Can you recommend some resources on Ignatian spiritual exercises?
* Erika from Amherst: My father is reading the Bible. He asked me to explain Gen 6:1-4 to him. What is all this about? ""When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of heaven saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. ... At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of heaven had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown."
* Dave from Facebook: I am looking for a solid, Catholic program on marriage which we can present at our parish. (Unfortunately my parish loves to present programs by non-Catholics, and I need to show them a solid Catholic example.) I've seen Road to Cana, but that's more geared toward singles. Any ideas? Thank you! – Dave
** http:''//
** Art from Amherst: Response to Father's Request. St. Mary's in Swarmsville has a rockin' program. Liguori Publications. ''[ Today and all the days of your life]''. Booklets, workbooks, videos.
** COG: I knew a Pre-Cana program where the motto was, 'Divorce never. Murder maybe.'
A friend from Amherst: What proof do you have that "half a Mass is better than none"? Where does it say you need to be at Mass before the Gospel for that Mass to fulfill your Sunday obligation?
===== Sunday obligation: How much of the Mass may I miss without penalty? =====
** http:''//** http:''//
====== The ideal: Be there or be square ======
Instruction Concerning Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery, Inaestimabile Donum; prepared by the Sacred Congregation for the Sacraments and Divine Worship; approved and confirmed by His Holiness Pope John Paul II, April 17, 1980.
=== Last week's questions ===
* Dave from Amherst: Homily online. List of questions that the Church asks about candidate for canonization. Where is that list?
** http:''//* http:''//
* The instruction of causes of canonization, which Our Predecessor Sixtus V entrusted to the Congregation of Sacred Rites, which he himself had established,(3) was, with the passage of time, always improved by new norms. Worthy of special mention are those of Urban VIII,(4) which Prosper Lambertini (later Benedict XIV), drawing upon the experiences of time past, handed down to later generations in a work entitled De Servorum Dei beatif?catione et de Beatorum canonizatione. This work served as the rule of the Sacred Congregation of Rites for almost two centuries. Finally, these norms were substantially incorporated into the Code of Canon Law promulgated in 1917.
* Anonymous is puzzled. Who did Adam & Eve's kids marry? The Pastoral Assistant said 'Oh there were people around.' Someone close to her also said that Adam & Eve weren't the first, just the first to believe in God.
Hope all is well. I have a question regarding apparitions. How long does
it generally take for these to be approved? Actually, I'm not even sure
that the one I am referring to (http:''// has even started the process? How does that work? The apparitions appear to have started in 1993. Any info
is appreciated. Thanks!
I thought you would find this article interesting (despite the somewhat distasteful title).
It looks like recent research indicates that many Catholic colleges
|[[Works-of-mercy|Works of Mercy]]
|[ End Liturgical Abuse Now!]

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