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"Bible" in the Bible

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No verse in the Bible speaks about the Bible as a whole (the books of the Old Testament plus the book of the New Testament). Anywhere the word is used, it is either about just one book of the Bible or about some other kind of book or scroll altogether.
The earliest known use of "biblia," the Greek plural of "biblion," is in 223 AD to refer to the "books" of the New Testament. The earliest known use of "ta biblia" (Greek, "the books") to "describe both the Old and New Testaments together" is from around 386-388 AD.<ref>[ ''Wikipedia,'' "Bible: Etymology."]</ref> In the Middle Ages, the Latin neuter plural word "biblia," "books," became interpreted as a feminine singular word, giving rise to the singular in English the romance languages.<ref>[ ''Online Etymology Dictionary,'' "Bible."]</ref>

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