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The Person and Work of the Holy Spirit

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The Spirit Permeates All of God's Works
Some people like to talk about the Old Testament as the age of the Father, the New Testament as the age of the Son, and the subsequent history of the Church as the age of the Holy Spirit. I suppose there is a grain of truth in that. But it is possible to think of the whole of God's work as something that the Father and Son accomplish through the Holy Spirit.
* In the beginning, the Spirit rushed over the waters; the Father ''spoke the Word by '' through which He created all things ''by breathing forth the Spirit''. His Spirit is the breath of life in all living things.  :; [ Judith 16<nowiki>:</nowiki>14] :: Let your every creature serve you;:: for you spoke, and they were made.:: You sent forth your spirit, and it created them;:: no one can resist your voice. 
* The Father poured out the Spirit upon the prophets, beginning with Abraham and continuing to this very day.
* Jesus was conceived by the Spirit in Mary's womb, and she brought the joy of the Spirit to Elizabeth and to John.

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