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Maxims and Sayings of St. Philip Neri

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maxim[12][28] = "Let young men be cheerful and indulge in the recreations proper to their age, provided they keep out of the way of sin.";
maxim[12][29] = "Not to know how to deny our soul its own wishes is to foment a very hot-bed of vices.";
maxim[12][30] = "All created things share themselves freely and show the goodness of the Creator: the sun scatters its light, the fire its heat; the tree throws out its arms, which are its branches, and reaches to us the fruit it bears; water, and air, and all things in nature express the generosity of the Creator. We, who are His living image, do not represent Him, but, through our degenerate mannersfallen condition, deny Him in our deeds while we are confessing confess Him with in our mouthsspeech.";
maxim[12][31] = "The hour is finished - we may say the same of the year; but the time to do good is not finished yet.";

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