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The Twelve

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The Biblical Data
|colspan="5" align="center"| '''Matthias''', elected in [ Acts 1:23-26]
== Liturgical Data ==
; First Eucharistic Prayer--"The Roman Canon"
: Peter and Paul
: Andrew
: James
: John
: Thomas
: James
: Philip
: Bartholomew
: Matthew
: Simon
: Jude
It is interesting that the prayer promotes Paul to the first rank. He was not one of "the Twelve," and he was converted to Christianity several years after Jesus ascended into Heaven.
Matthias, who was an apostle before Paul was, and who was elected in Acts 1 to take the place of Judas, is not mentioned here. His name does appear in the second half of the prayer among "the apostles and martyrs."
== NAB Note on the Twelve Apostles ==

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