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Bad Things Happen to Good People

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Suffering with Jesus
Jesus is the Rock and the cornerstone on which the whole Body is built; but He is not the whole building. We are living stones placed upon the foundation of Jesus and the apostles. Without us, there is something "lacking" in the Body of Christ.
;NAB footnote
:''What is lacking:'' although variously interpreted, this phrase does not imply that Christ’s atoning death on the cross was defective. It may refer to the apocalyptic concept of a quota of “messianic woes” to be endured before the end comes; cf. Mk 13:8, 19–20, 24 and the note on Mt 23:29–32. Others suggest that Paul’s mystical unity with Christ allowed him to call his own sufferings the afflictions of Christ.<ref>[ Note on Col 1:24.]</ref>
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