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== September 24 ==
=== From e-mail and Facebook ===
* Peter from DC: [ This article] seems to be nothing about what you taught us about Newman--they seem to be twisting his position to fit their agenda. Especially the fifth paragraph suggests that Newman said that Catholic Doctrine can change, in fact not develop but become something it was not before. What you do you think about that?
* John D. from Facebook: Is there an authoritative list of Eucharistic miracles that the Church recognizes? If so where? And of the ones that the Church has had scientifically investigated, is it an accurate statement that the blood type, when a blood type was found, has always been AB? The question is one I thought of this morning, as I was reading my daughter's account of a Baptist friend who appeared to want to downgrade Mary's role as Mother of God. This is in no way to imply that the Church's defense of Mary as the Mother of God, which is well supported by scripture is lacking in any way. Just curious.
=== Last Week's Show ===
* Jason from Orlando: Could Father talk about Canon law regarding Friday Penance and abstaining from meat?
* Scott from Rochester: Can Father talk about the Franciscan Feast of the Stigmata of St. Francis?
* Tommy from Buffalo: Fr.'s talking about eating meat on Fridays. Why is fish ok? Are eggs ok?
* Rocco from the O.D.: Fun fact about abstaining from meat - In the Middle Ages, it was [ OK to eat a beaver's tail,] but not the rest of it. The tail was considered fish, but not the rest of the animal. 'The definition of "fish" was often extended to marine and semi-aquatic animals such as whales, barnacle geese, puffins and even beavers. ... fake eggs could be made by stuffing empty egg shells with fish roe and almond milk and cooking it in coals.'
* Scott from Rochester: When he's doing his prayers in the morning, his first is 'I confess to Almighty God. . . ' and the Kyrie. Is that ok, or should it just be restricted to the Mass? One of his friends told him only the Priest can say that at Mass.
* Paul from Amherst: Had heard on EWTN TV that in certain parts of the Muslim world (specifically Indonesia) are getting a larger number of converts to Christianity. Could Fr. comment?
* Yasmin from Facebook: We had begun talking about Father Pio, and the topic of incorruptible bodies came up. Then they asked us, how do we know if a body is incorruptible, which is something I had never thought about myself. A good question, I thought. Some suggested the idea of the Church digging up the bodies, which I thought was too far fetched & weird... and others thought about the idea of having the bodies left in a glass, like they usually have them and just knowing that they would not corrupt. I would appreciate your response to this, so I can clarify this with our students also. Thank you for your show and time.
* Rocco from the O.D.: They started converting Indonesia around 1200 and it was roughly the way it is now by 1600ish. [ "Sharia Law Overtaking Indonesia."]
* Paul from Amherst also requests you mention the phone number more often and slower. ;^)
* Susan from Rochester: Her mother is Catholic, her father is Atheist. They discuss what's going to happen when he dies.
== September 17 ==
=== Last Week's Show ===
;Jason from Florida
: Can you talk about the practice of women covering their heads in church? What are it's origins? Was this obligatory in the past? If so, is it still obligatory? I look forward to hearing your answer via podcast on Monday. Thanks and God bless.
;John from Webster
* St. John Chrysostom on 9/13/2010
* the "Exaltation of the Cross" on 9/14/2010
* the commemoration of "Our Lady of Sorrows" on 9/15/2010 . Many have difficulty understanding why the Church observes Mary's sufferings.
** Mother of All Joy
** Cause of our joy
* Sts Cornelius & Cyprian on 9/16/2010
;Gabriel from East Amherst
: Comment about the True Cross
; Vitus the Hobbit from the O.D.
: St: Vitus is the [ Patron Saint of Comedians.]
; Barbara from Kenmore
: Wants to talk comment on the end of the world. How do you keep excited about Christ's return and keep going about day-to-day life?
== September 10 ==
=== From e-mail and Facebook ===
* John from Cheektowaga and Kevin from Buffalo: Lots of questions about Stephen Hawkings' claim that there is no need to think that God created the universe; he can imagine it as a consequence of the law of gravity.
* Brendan from the Outer Darkness: Is it cursing to say "Jesus, Mary, and Joseph" when you're frustrated?
=== Last Week's Show ===
* John from Buffalo: Stephen Hawking came to the conclusion this week that the Universe came from nothing and God had nothing to do with it, and wants to ask Fr. a question regarding it.
* Jason from Florida: Most saints have their feast day on or near the day of their passing from this world into the next (their eternal birthday). There are quite a few, however, who have their feast day celebrated on another day (including, I've heard, Pope St.... Gregory the Great). Is there any method used for determining a saint's feast day? Who decides when a saint's feast day will be? Thanks and God bless.
* Alison from Willis, Texas: Listens over the internet. I was listening to a podcast on the site where the host spoke about the battle between St. Michael and Lucifer. The host pointed out that Lucifer had been the most powerful of the angels, but once he rejected God, he lost most of his power and was able to be defeated. In thinking about this, I recalled hearing many people explain hell as being the absence of God where the damned cannot feel anything but hate. But those who will eventually go to Heaven will eventually receive some type of transfigured bodies. Could you please speak to these ideas and whether or not my understanding is on track?
* John from Webster: Pulled over in car. Wants to follow up on the angel question. Can they read our minds? Guardian angels ...
* Mike from Rochester: Comment on discussion about Heaven & Hell.
* Bill from Buffalo: Question: Discussing priestly celibacy with a friend. Why are priests celibate, Titus 1:6, was the resource he's using - one of the first verses mentions a call for men who are married (he wasn't totally clear himself). Comment - He is listening on his iphone and can explain it to Father.
* Mario from Buffalo: Why is it that our Orthodox brothers and sisters do not accept the filioque?
* Alison from Texas: Thanks so much for your answer to my question, Fr. Marty. I actually do have a couple of Dr. Kreeft's books on my Barnes & Noble wish list and just added the ones you suggested.
* Mike from Ontario: Hello Gina and father. I've been listening from Ontario Canada all summer on an iPod touch with the icatholic app that I downloaded from iTunes. Can/ is heaven here but a different dimension that we can perceive only when we are accepted in rather than some distant removed location?
== September 3 ==
* Feast of [ Pope St. Gregory the Great,] the fourth father to be named one of the [[Doctors of the Church]].
=== Last Week's Show ===
* MXM: One Facebook friend said that she likes Fr. Poblocki's no-nonsense approach to the show. Our motto might be: "All Nonsense, All The Time." The things that Fr. Ric exorcises from his show make a comeback here on Fridays. :-O
* Mario's question about the [[filioque clause]].
* Jason. Florida. I love incense. Can you explain the theological and liturgical significance of incense and why many churches today do not use incense very often? Thanks. God bless the rest of the show and have a great weekend.
* Princess: Should we start a Faithbook?
* John from California on Facebook: I am reading [ Father Spitzer SJ's book] on the Faith and Reason/science topic. In your opinion in the world today what is the greatest challenge when explaining that faith is propelled by reason and that reason is grounded in faith? What are the roadblocks in society to get this concept?
* Maureen from Buffalo. Has a question about the role of women in the family, esp. in the modern day. Is there a cause-and-effect relationship between working outside the home and feminism?
* Erica from Williamsville. I've been reading how we can participate in making satisfaction for our sins through the Mass. Does that happen automatically by simply attending Mass, or do we have to intentionally participate for the sake of making satisfaction in order to make satisfaction? Does that even make sense?
* John from Webster: Regarding St. Monica and praying for wayward family members.
== August 27 ==
* [[Clock problem]]
* Mario from Facebook yesterday: "How would one begin to dialogue with our Orthodox brothers and sisters in regards to the [[filioque]]?"
* [ Memorial of Saint Monica] (331-387 AD).
* [ Feast of St. Augustine] (354-430 AD), father and doctor of the Church.
* The heart is the seat of wisdom. It is our heart that keeps our minds on track. Another name for the show: "Cor ad cor loquitur"--"Heart to Heart."
== From e-mail and Facebook ==
=== Choosing the right good ===
Jason from Ohio who lives in Orlando said that I said: "The will of God for me is built into me, because God created me to be me."
== Last Week's Show ==
* Marybeth from Henrietta: "Has a friend who says that she believes in [[reincarnation]]. Marybeth said, 'Catholics don't believe in reincarnation.' Her friend replied, 'I do and I'm Catholic.' How do you answer?"
** Her friend is a [[modernism|"Catholic but."]]
* FACEBOOK NO. 1. Jason. Florida. At the risk of sounding impatient, it seems to me that to grow in faith and become closer to God, you have to step out of the boat and try to walk on the water. By staying in the boat, you go nowhere and learn nothing. But I also believe it is important to learn to be content with the gifts and blessings you have received. To me, this implies staying in the boat. These two noble choices seem to contrast with one another. Am I just missing something here? Can you please explain how I can reconcile the two? Thanks.
* Mary from Rochester. Has a teenaged disabled son who received Baptism but no other Sacraments. Would it be advisable for her to have him Confirmed, have First Communion, etc.?
* John. Buffalo. Just finished a book, 'History of Anti-Christ.' by a gentleman with the last name of Huchede and was wondering if Father could expand on it.
* Carol. Hamburg. Has a son who lives out of town (43) who has leukemia reoccurring. He's going through new types of Chemo, but it's taking it's toll. He's in a state of depression, and she doesn't know how to help him from long distance.
* Joan. Buffalo. Happy Birthday to you Father Marty! You share a birthday w/ my eldest son. God Bless!
* Nancy from Buffalo: "What is the best way to go to Jesus through the Immaculate Heart of Mary?"
* Hobbit: I learned a lesson. Don't post anything to facebook else Father broadcasts it to the world. ;^)
** MXM: "Everything you say will be taken down and used against you." :-P
== Wednesday, 25 August ==
* Feast of [ St. Louis of France]--a Crusader King!

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