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Letter to Priests (2012)

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; Benedict XVI, [ "Letter to Priests,] from the Vatican, March 26, 2012.
Dear Priests,
Our faith is further strengthened by the Church’s invitation to cross the ''Porta fidei'' again, accompanying all of our faithful.
As we know, this is the title of the Apostolic Letter with which the Holy Father Benedict XVI called the [[Year of Faith ]] that will begin on October 12, 2012. It may be useful to reflect on the circumstances of this invitation. It takes place on the fiftieth anniversary of the opening of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (October 11, 1962) and on the twentieth anniversary of the publication of the ''Catechism of the Catholic Church'' (October 11, 1992). Furthermore, the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will be held in October 2012, and its theme will be "The new evangelization for the transmission of the Christian faith."
We will therefore be expected to work in depth on each of these "chapters":
:– on II Vatican Council, so that it may be accepted once again as "the great grace bestowed on the Church in the twentieth century": "a sure compass by which to take our bearings in the century now beginning", "increasingly powerful for the ever necessary renewal of the Church";<ref>Cf. ''Porta fidei,'' &sect; 5.</ref>
:– on the ''Catechism of the Catholic Church'', that it may be truly accepted and used as "a valid and legitimate instrument for ecclesial communion and a sure norm for teaching the faith";<ref>Ibid., &sect; 11.</ref>
:– on the preparation of the next Synod of Bishops in order that it may truly be "a good opportunity to usher the whole Church into a time of particular reflection and rediscovery of the faith."<ref>Ibid., &sect; 5.</ref>
For the time being--as an introduction to this work--we can meditate briefly on this indication provided by the Pope, towards which everything converges:
: "It is the love of Christ that fills our hearts and impels us to evangelize. Today as in the past, he sends us through the highways of the world to proclaim his Gospel to all the peoples of the earth (cf. Mt 28:19). Through his love, Jesus Christ attracts to himself the people of every generation: in every age he convokes the Church, entrusting her with the proclamation of the Gospel by a mandate that is ever new. Today too, there is a need for stronger ecclesial commitment to new evangelization in order to rediscover the joy of believing and the enthusiasm for communicating the faith."<ref>Ibid., &sect; 7.</ref>
"The people of every generation," "all the peoples of the earth," "new evangelization": before such a universal horizon, we priests must ask ourselves how and where such statements can come together and stand.

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