St. Isidore of Seville

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Saint Isidore of Seville (560-636 AD), Bishop and Doctor of the Church, patron of the internet.

Archbishop, theologian, historian. "Last Father of the Western church." Regarded as the most learned man of his time. Patron of the internet because of his twenty-volume encylopedic work, Etymologies.

Prayer of St. Isidore

Here we are before You, O Holy Spirit.

We feel the burden of our infirmities,
but we are united all together in Your name:
come to us, help us, enter into our hearts,
teach us what we should do,
show us the path to follow,
and empower us to do Your will.

May You be the only one to propose and guide our decisions,
because only You, with the Father and the Son,
have a name that is glorious and holy.

O Holy Spirit, You love order and peace;
do not allow us to offend justice,
nor ignorance to lead us astray,
nor human sympathy to bias us,
nor people or office influence us.

Keep us in intimacy with You
with the gift of Your Grace;
may we may so united to You
that nothing may separate us from the Truth.

Gathered in Your Holy Name,
may we be good and stand firm,
may all we do be in one accord with You,
and may the faithful fulfillment of our duty
lead us to eternal good.


Tonus Peregrinus. Edited to suit my taste.