Stained Glass Windows

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1) Choose a pattern.
2) Number each piece on both copies of the pattern.
3) Color the cardstock pattern and the paper pattern. Color in the same direction that the glass ought to flow.
4) Cut out the cardstock pieces with pattern shears.
5) Reassemble the picture.
6) With rubber cement, glue each pattern piece to the corresponding glass, aligning it with the streaks in the glass.
7) Cut out each piece of glass and reassemble the image.
8) Grind the edges of each glass piece.
9) Soak the glass clean.
10) With a marker, write numbers on the glass pieces.
11) Foil the edges with copper foil tape.
12) Use a fid to flatten the foil and make it even.
13) Arrange the glass pieces on a board, using horseshoe nails to secure them in place.
14) Brush liquid flux on the copper. Keep it away from open wounds!
15) Solder little dots on the joints to keep the pieces in place.
16) Remove the nails.
17) Solder the seams of the glass. Flip and repeat.
18) Solder the jump rings.
19) Clean the glass.
20) Choose the color of your solder: silver, copper, black.
21) Patina for copper and black.
22) Edge with lead came or solder.
23) Finish with cream.
24) Place wire through rings.