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Introduction to the Scriptures

Online Lectures


Felix Just, SJ
"Old Testament Statistics - New American Bible."
"New Testament Statistics."


Bible Researcher, "Fonts"

Bible Researcher, "Hebrew Unicode"

Bible Researcher, "Greek Unicode"


IFAOGrec Unicode is a font for Greek and Coptic, developed and sponsored by the Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (IFAO). Includes many special characters for papyrology.

SBL Unicode Fonts

SBL Educational Resources

Greek keyboard layouts

Configuring Windows 10

Setting up the Windows 10 Greek Polytonic Keyboard is a little bit tricky.

1. Add Greek to the "Preferred languages" list.
Add Greek to preferred languages.png
2. Click on Greek to bring up "Options."
Greek options.png
3. Click on "Add a keyboard."
Add polytonic keyboard.png
4. Select Greek Polytonic from the list.
5. Use mouse or [Windows key + space] to select the desired keyboard from the keyboards menu.
Active keyboard options.png
6. Now the keyboard will function as advertised in the next section.

Links for Greek keyboard layouts