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This is your talk page, Gina.

You also have a user page.

You can edit either one and play around with them to see how the wiki works.

You can create new pages from either one.

--Mxmsj 11:23, 19 June 2012 (EDT)

Oh, DOH. I forgot. You can practice editing pages in the User area, but they don't appear among the ordinary pages on the wiki. To create a normal page in the public section of the wiki, make a new page link from a regular article.

Click on this red link to test the new page function.

You can also start a new page by searching for the title of the page you want to create. Of course, since it is a new page, the page won't be found--but the search page will say, "Page not found. Do you want to create the new page?" Then you click on the page title you searched for, which will be a "red link," and the new page will be created for you to edit.

--Mxmsj 11:28, 19 June 2012 (EDT)