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Contact info

Jim Wright, President and CEO, (877) 888-6279, x101
Tom Zambito, Network Technician, (888) 340-3751

Holy Family Communications
The Station of the Cross Catholic Radio
6325 Sheridan Drive
Williamsville, NY 14221

- Station of the Cross
- (877) 888-6279 -- main office number--via Earthlink
- (877) 511-5483 -- Calling All Catholics (feeds Studio A and Studio B)
- (888) 711-6279 -- Fund drive (with VOIP provider now--PhonePower)
- (716) 839-6117 -- office
- (877) 711-8500 -- FAX
- Orthodent
- (716) 839-1900
- (716) 839-9088 -- FAX
- (800) 837-1552
- EasyRX at Orthodent
- (888) 340-3751 -- PhonePower
- Local and FAX numbers shared with Orthodent.

Active contacts

These are the top candidates so far. I've moved the list of other VOIP providers off this page.

company contact comments
Earth Link Hosted Voice, Hosted IP PBX

Earthlink Business Sales Office Ellicott Square Bldg
295 Main Street
Suite 200
Buffalo, NY 14203

EarthLink Business Sales: 1-877-355-1501

Josh Hoyle
Account Executive
EarthLink Business
E: jhoyle@corp.earthlink.com
O: 360-524-9231 | F: 360-737-0518 | TF: 877-560-7381
3000 Columbia House Blvd., Suite 106 | Vancouver, WA | 98661

28 January 2012

What Earthlink does for us now:

  • Local telephone
  • Long Distance
  • Data and internet
  • 18 x EUCL
  • 18 x Local number portability
  • 18 x Telephone Line
  • Local usage
  • On-net local usage
  • 18 x PILD
  • 4 x Toll Free Number
  • 4 x Toll Free Call Pack 1000
  • Domestic interstate
  • Domestic intrastate
  • Inbound Toll Free (421 calls)
Voip Supply.

80 Pineview Drive
Buffalo, NY 14228


Sweet Home and North French

Joe Shanahan

866 583 0920
716 250 3873
SKYPE: jshanahan.voipsupply
Many brands. Lots of hardware.

29 January 2013

SIP program just starting

They resell CloudSpan service.

They would send us an Asterisk-based IP-PBX -- "Elastix". The cost of the appliance varies with configuration and hours of support. $600-$800. It is an "appliance" (hardware/software combination). Cost depends on whether there is a PSTN card in it, level of support, and extended warranty ($50 a year for three years).

The Elastix MiniUCS is a fully featured Unified Communication PBX in a small package. Weighing under 2 lbs, the MiniUCS will support about 50 SIP endpoints, up to 32 concurrent calls, and will allow an optional 4 FXO or FXS ports for analog connectivity.

An EdgeMonitor (EdgeMonitor?) is also required. About $524 for 10-call device. Can upgrade same device later just with license key.

  • Voicemail
  • Fax-to-email
  • Support for softphones
  • Web Interface Configuration
  • Virtual conference rooms
  • Call recording
  • Least Cost Routing
  • Extension Roaming
  • PBX Interconnection
  • Caller ID
  • CRM
  • Advance Reports

Needs high-speed internet connection. Our Time Warner Business class will work.

One line in from internet; one line out to "switch." (I call it a server. Same or different?)

They usually just deliver hardware. May be able to provide on-site installation and configuration for a price. He will talk with his engineers and get back to me.

Called back 6 February 2013 with rewritten quote. 10 SIP trunks (2 x 5). Can add extra trunks one-at-a-time. One trunk per phone call.

Great Lakes IT Services

4955 Chestnut Ridge Road
Orchard Park, NY 14127


Anastasia Hardy (205-978-3405)

Michael Fuchs

973-846-4472 -- New York City
  • Great Lakes IT Services VoIP packages offer solutions to replace or improve your current business phone system with Voice-over-IP.
  • Listed as a partner (VAR?) of Momentum (877.251.5554).
  • Friday 11 January 2013

Michael says they send people onsite.

Cloud based. Router onsite for us.

Breakout of locations. Seat count. Applications for the seats.

Can your network support the bandwidth? May need two T1 lines.

Will send engineers to go over the network.

Get LOA: Letter of Authorization to allow folks to pull phone records from phone company to get CSR (Customer Service Record).

Billing telephone number and any associated phone numbers with that account. ANO Additional Number .... DID Direct. Might have Centrex. Who knows? All the addresses for the locations.

Call on Tuesday, 15 January 2013.

Still wants LOA. Working Telephone Number (WTN). 800 numbers are phantom numbers. They point to WTNs. Can redirect them nearly instantaneously yourself from configuration software.

6 February

Conference call with technician. Charlie.

What is the bandwidth speed for Time Warner?

- 19 Mbps up and down (?)

Network diagram.

Deliver services. Someone would have to implement them onsite.

Wants to visit with an engineer to do a site survey.

Model numbers of the router(s) being used now?

Fonality Communications

John McCormack (877-366-2548 x6730; jmccormack@fonality.com) called me Friday 11 Jan 2013.

Fonality Inc. (Dallas, TX)
5800 Granite Parkway, Suite 550
Plano TX 75024

1 877 366 2548

Fonality Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)
200 Corporate Pointe, STE 300
Culver City, CA 90230

1 877 366 2548

Fonality has ceased to support Trixbox Community Edition. They want everyone to upgrade to Fonality Pro.

Fonality offers purpose-built VoIP business communication and contact center solutions for growing small and mid-sized companies. Fonality's unique software provides an extensive breadth of communication features at a fraction of the cost and complexity of outdated legacy providers. Fonality's unique communications application unifies messaging, email and phone features into one easy-to-use interface.

Fonality’s hybrid hosted solution provides a best of breed approach with the solution’s hardware residing on the customers premise while the control panel (along with service, maintenance, and configuration) remains in the cloud. Infamous moves, adds, or changes (MACs) can be addressed in a matter of minutes, not days, and without the additional fees associated with 3rd party service.

  • Public Cloud / Hosted
  • On Premise ("Failover to PSTN when VOIP is not available").
  • Private Cloud

Provides a basic IP phone with the contract.


Premcom (a Shortel partner)

Paul Perrello

85 Northpointe Parkway, Suite 1
14228 Buffalo, N.Y.
his cell: 716-629-3040
office: 716-691-3752
Fax: 909-693-9423

VAR. Systems integration.

  • Buffalo Medical Group
  • Buffalo Bills
  • Buffalo Sabres

Celino and Barnes, Brown and Chiari. BCO (small printing shop).

"Rip and replace." Replace the guts of your system. New hardware. Buy or lease. Non-SIP.

SIP trunks: no standard protocol. That's the problem with international lines.

Recommends traditional PRIs or analogue lines that Time Warner, Earthlink, or fiber input.

System requirements

  • Keep current handsets (Linsys IP Phones) and the new Asus server.
  • Keep Asterisk software.
  • Replace Earthlink T1 analog service and Rhino channel bank with new VOIP service.
  • Provide international service (Canada) for all toll-free numbers. PhonePower.com let us down during the last Fund Drive. Our Candian benefactors must be able to call the same number as our U.S. benefactors.
- Station of the Cross
- (877) 888-6279 -- main office number--with Earthlink? Time Warner?
- (877) 511-5483 -- Calling All Catholics (feeds Studio A and Studio B)
- (888) 711-6279 -- Fund drive (with VOIP provider now--PhonePower.com?)
- (716) 839-6117 -- office
- (877) 711-8500 -- FAX
- Orthodent
- (716) 839-1900
- (716) 839-1900
- (716) 839-9088 -- FAX
- (800) 837-1552
- EasyRX at Orthodent
- (888) 340-3751
- Any other numbers?
- _____________________________
  • Analog (FXS/FXO) IO to mixers in Studio A and Studio B.
  • Work with current fund-drive system.
  • Act as PBX for 9 office phones; phone bank for fund-drives; phone in conference room (?).
  • Fault tolerant.
  • Good support.
  • Documentation: passwords, URLs, IP addresses, documentation needed to make everything work.
For future consideration: consolidating all telephone service to all the affiliates into a VOIP IP-PBX.

Post mortem

  • Talk with PhonePower.com? What went wrong? Has it been fixed? Can it be fixed?

Present setup

Jim P. is taking all of his customers off of his service. Put them on Amazon. We won't be competing with them for bandwidth. He is changing his entire Exchange server to Gmail. That will be gone in two weeks.

Speed test: 33 Mbs 27.5 Mbs.

Two different phone service providers: Earthlink (T1, analog) and PhonePower (VOIP).

Two different data line providers: Earthlink (Telos lines to Rochester and Boston?) and Time Warner (PhonePower VOIP and all of the transmitters). BRIC-Links connect the station to the towers via the internet.

Airespring provides internet services to Oil City, PA, and Syracuse, NY. Each local antenna and office have local ISPs like this.

Six transmitter locations, seven antennas, seven streams:

  • Buffalo, NY
  • Rochester, NY (AM and FM)
  • Elmira, NY (shares Rochester stream)
  • Syracuse, NY
  • Boston, MA
  • Oil City, PA

iCatholicRadio is another "transmitter," in terms of calculating bandwidth requirements. It is a unique programming stream.

Internet traffic carried on Time Warner optical line:

  • iCatholicRadio stream to some retransmitter.
  • iCatolicoRadio stream.
  • Live stream retransmitter for five unique broadcast streams (Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Oil City, Boston).
  • BRIC-Links to seven antennas.
  • BCS traffic.
  • Office computers (SotC and OD).

Each stream is the equivalent of a phone channel.

Websites for each station are at Dreamhost.

I believe each of the local offices also has a telephone number and, I presume, a telephone bill to go with it. It should be possible to incorporate all of them into the WAN/VOIP system. That might result in some savings.

Any BCS server traffic for SotC or Orthodent has to pass through our Sonicwall switch.

All traffic must go through another switch in BCS.

Station of the Cross and Orthodent handsets

A call to these numbers follows this route to a handset:

  1. Public switched telephone network
  2. Earthlink
  3. T1 line with 24 pairs of analog lines
  4. Rhino T1 Channel Bank FXS/FXO with Data
  5. Trixbox
  6. Virtual private network (VPN) server creates a Wide Area Network (WAN)
  7. Sonicwall router.
  8. Ethernet cables and connectors.
  9. Linksys IP Phone SPA941.

PolyCom handset in the Conference room

Q: Who owns and runs this?



A call to 877-511-5483 follows this route to a handset:

  1. Public switched telephone network.
  2. Earthlink T1 analog line.
  3. MUX--multiplexer.
  4. T1 Terminal block.
  5. T1 cable.
  6. Rhino T1 Channel Bank FXS/FXO with Data.
  7. Trixbox software.
  8. Ethernet cable to computer on rack.
  9. Card in computer provides 4 analog lines for Comrex/Telos boxes that provide telephone I/O for the mixers.
  10. Virtual private network (VPN) server creates a Wide Area Network (WAN) or Local Area Network (LAN).
  11. Router
  12. The calls are switched by software from digital circuits to a card in a computer that provides analog IO for the Telos box
    1. Flash Operator Panel--hosted where?
    2. CAC phone server (?)-- analog IO on RJ11 modular connectors (?).
    3. Telos: two single-pair lines in; four (?) four-pair lines out
    4. Parking extensions: 60, 61, 62, 63. These play the outbound audio from the mixer to calls on hold. Audio output only; no audio input.
    5. Studio A: extension 130 and 131. Caller audio input volume controlled by sliders. No effect on audio output to the caller.
    6. Studio B: extension 132 and 133. Caller audio input volume controlled by sliders. No effect on audio output to the caller.

Fund Drive

A call to the Fund Drive phone number follows this route to the phone bank (nine workstations in the Outer Darkness as well as some or all (?) of the handsets in the offices):

  1. Public switched telephone network
  2. PhonePower
  3. Time Warner fiber-optic cable (?)
  4. Trixbox
  5. Virtual private network (VPN) server creates a Wide Area Network (WAN)
  6. Sonicwall router
  7. Ethernet cables and connectors.
  8. Some Linksys SPA941 handsets. Nine workstations in the Outer Darkness running CounterPath’s X-Lite softphone. Extensions: 108, 111 (?), 200..207, 210.

Q: How does the phone bank feed a ringing sound into the sound boards in Studio A and Studio B? That may be another feature that has to be rigged by hand for the fund drive. If possible, the extension that is used to feed the sound into the board should be first in line, so that the sound goes on the air before anyone in the fund drive group gets to hear it. The way it works now, people grab the calls so quickly that the ringing sound is not heard on the air as often as there are calls.

- ________________________


  1. Public switched telephone network
  2. PhonePower
  3. Time Warner fiber-optic cable (?)
  4. Trixbox
  5. Virtual private network (VPN) server creates a Wide Area Network (WAN)
  6. Sonicwall
  7. Ethernet cables and connectors.
  8.  ?????? _______________________


An analog T1 line comes into the machine room. A multiplexer splits the feed into 24 channels. They in turn are fed into the Rhino T1 Channel Bank (FXS/FXO with Data).

  • Local telephone
  • Long Distance
  • Data and internet
  • Local usage
  • On-net local usage
  • Domestic interstate
  • Domestic intrastate
  • Inbound Toll Free (421 calls)
  • 18 x EUCL -- "End User Common Line" charge
  • 18 x Local number portability
  • 18 x Telephone Line
  • 18 x PILD -- Presubscribed Inter-exchange Long Distance charge.
  • 4 x Toll Free Number
  • 4 x Toll Free Call Pack 1000

Telos v.35 interfaces that run T1 DSUs. Using one channel. Full T1 point-to-point, using one channel.

56K line just shifted over to fiber within the last year. Point to point that goes to channel 49 in Colesville for WLOF antenna. Smart jack in computer room. Picks up somewhere in fiber box.

T1 point-to-point service to Rochester. Telos at both ends?

Time Warner Optical Fiber (TWOF)

Time Warner broadband service is provided by an optical fiber connection in the machine room.

Time Warner Business Class Dedicated Internet Access
10 Mbps guaranteed, but getting 19 Mbps up and down
Optical Dedicated Internet Access is IP over IEEE 802.3 based Full Duplex non-circuit switched services provisioned on dedicated fiber optic facilities from the customer premises to the Time Warner Cable hub-site rate limited at the Ethernet Aggregation switch from 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps.

We split this service with Buffalo Computer Solutions (BCS). The optical fiber enters the utility room and runs into BCS. From BCS there is a Cat 5 cable that re-enters the utility room.

BCS pays half the cost of this service. Our router is in the utility room. Five port router. Replaced another computer that had been a proxy server.

50 static IP addresses. Bill has a list of the addresses being used at present for the BRIC-Link connections.


Comes in on TWOF.

PhonePower is used for the Fund Drive and for EasyRx.


Provides some kind of service to Oil City and Syracuse.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) server

Sonicwall with 4 VPN client licenses. It is not clear whether it is the edge device that sits between the building and the rest of the world. It appears to do some firewalling and some NAT in addition to being a VPN server.

Tom Zambito
It is a Sonicwall TZ 100. Its public address is, which is one of several public addresses I've seen around. Another is, which was the EasyRx development virtual machine.
The Sonicwall packet filter has a rule to route traffic between what is ostensibly a Trixbox and PhonePower. That Trixbox has the address The Trixbox I have access to has the address, which gives weight your speculation that the Asus box on the floor is a second Asterisk box.
I can't find reliable traffic data on the Sonicwall device.
  • Is the same server running the Spark Chat software? _____
  • Also connecting the workstations to the accounting software (Denarius?) during the fund drive? _____

NT Server?

The WAN or LAN also provides some shared drives among the office computers running Windows XP. Is there an NT server in the system somewhere? Where is the data on drive Z: held? By what route do individual workstations access the networked drive(s)?

- ________________________


Intel Pentium 4 at 2.8 GHz and somewhere between 768 MB and 1 GB of memory. It is not the same physical hardware as the VPN. It is running Trixbox CE, which is merely a bundle of the following open source software: CentOS, Asterisk, FreePBX, and Flash Operator Panel (FOP).

Trixbox CE has been discontinued, so an upgrade to would mean installing each of those separately. There are newer versions of Asterisk and FOP.

Fonality is offering Trixbox Pro. The software can be downloaded from Fonality before it is purchased or activated. I imagine this means that it can be tested within the LAN to see that it works, but that is just a guess.

FreePBX is an easy to use GUI (graphical user interface) that controls and manages Asterisk, the world's most popular open source telephony engine software. FreePBX has been developed and hardened by thousands of volunteers over tens of thousands man hours. FreePBX has been downloaded over 5,000,000 times and estimates over 500,000 active phone systems.

There is a very reasonably priced endpoint manager that works with FreePBX. $25 per server.

Flash Operator Panel (FOP)

IP address:

Flash Operator
ext assignment
101..107 Station of the Cross office extensions
108 Fund Drive (inactive?)
109..110 Station of the Cross office extensions
111 Donation line
112 Testimonial (not accessible?)
113 Signal Quality
115..118 CAC Operator 1..4
130..131 Studio A1 and A2
132..133 Studio B1 and B2
140 Tickets
150..153 Orthodent office handsets
154 ODL Gen1 (inactive?)
155..156 ODL Gen2..Gen3
157 ODL Lab (inactive?)
189 ODL PA (broken?)
200..207 Fund1..Fund8
210 Fund10
- FundRaiser
- wloftickets
- test
- CAC60
- CAC61
- CAC62
- CAC63
- Zap 5..22: 18 lines from Earthlink, I imagine.

Buffalo Computing Solutions

Jim Papafagos
Buffalo Computing Solutions -- (716) 853-8255
BCS uses Broadvox as its VOIP provider.

Cost/Benefit Analysis

Current costs

  • Earthlink telephone service (Station plus Orthodent).
  • Earthlink dedicated data lines for Rochester and Boston (Telos (sp?) connection).
  • Time Warner business class optical fiber broadband service.
  • PhonePower (Station plus EasyRx).
  • Airespring.
  • Affiliate telephone and internet bills.

Cost of consolidation

  • Setup charges.
  • Purchase of new equipment.
  • New lines in?
  • Cost of transferring custody of phone numbers from old provider to new.
  • Writing and circulating documentation.
  • Training staff.
  • Recurrent monthly bill for services.
  • Occasional charges for support.

Tom's research

  • Time Warner VOIP--consolidate with them?
  • AT&T, 877-542-8666
  • Sprint, 866-653-1056.
  • Verizon, 800-201-1452.

Mr. Wright

Calls in to:

  • Earthlink
  • Time Warner
  • Broadvox
  • PhonePower (test fund drive phone number)
Keep It Super Simple!