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Site Map

About this wiki

I began using a wiki on in March of 2006.

I really love the freedom to create pages and links on the fly, without having to fire up Dreamweaver or an FTP client.

Visitors may play on the playground.

This is my second personal wiki. My brother, Dez, set one up for me years ago. I couldn't get the hang of it. Working with the Big-8 forced me to get comfortable with the way of the wiki, and I'm pretty much hooked. This wiki runs on Dokuwiki software.

My third wiki is Cor ad Cor, which uses Mediawiki.

The template is derived from Doogie's Dokuwiki Template.

Please note: All opinions expressed in this blog are my own. Please do not attribute them to the Society of Jesus nor to the magisterium of the Church, although I intend to be faithful to both.

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