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 +A news.group post I snagged to think about later ... related to the question of [[http://​www3.canisius.edu/​~moleski/​proof/​provenegs.htm|"​proving negatives."​]]
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 +From: aatu.koskensilta@xortec.fi
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 +dvus wrote:
 +> Aatu Koskensilta wrote
 +> > Mathematical logicians are paid by other mathematical logicians whose
 +> > work is equally uninteresting to any sane person. Perhaps you would
 +> > like to know why, on the assumption that every set is constructible,​
 +> > there is no finitely axiomatisable higher-order theory that is
 +> > complete but not categorical?​
 +> Quantum erasers?
 +Alas, no.
 +The proof is rather simple. First recall that there is a definable
 +well-ordering < of the constructible universe. Observe then that for
 +finitely axiomatisable higher-order theories T the property of a model
 +being isomorphic to <-least model of T is expressible by a purely
 +logical sentence. Let now A be this sentence. Since the <-least model
 +M of T is, trivially, a model of T, A holds in M. So T can't refute A,
 +which means A is actually provable since T is complete, and thus all
 +models of T are isomorphic. This concludes the sketch of the proof
 +that, assuming V=L, all complete finitely axiomatisable higher-order
 +theories are categorical.
 +This is the sort of exciting stuff we logicians like to prattle about.
 +In set theory we often also talk about the universal weasel, premice,
 +the zero-handgranade,​ the axiom of playful universe, ineffable
 +cardinals, small large cardinals, large large cardinals,
 +indestructibility,​ forcing, games between God and Devil, etc.
 +Aatu Koskensilta (aatu.koskensilta@xortec.fi)
 +"Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, daruber muss man schweigen"​
 + - Ludwig Wittgenstein,​ Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus
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