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 +====== Canon N67OU Problems ======
 +  * Problem: "​unable to select Twain source."​
 +  * Situation: Windows XP said the scanner was fine.  Neither Xnview nor the Canoscan toolbox could connect to the scanner.
 +  * Fix: eradicate every trace of the old driver and toolbox. ​ Reinstall same.  Remove same using CD ROM's removal tool.  Then install new driver and toolbox from Canon'​s website. ​ I also had to make IE my default browser and change File Types so that .htm and .html were associated with IE.  The Canon installation software doesn'​t work with Mozilla Firefox. ​ It took about three or four hours of fussing to get one and only one NEW set of drivers installed and recognized by the system.
 +Well, I think that's what fixed it.
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