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 +====== Google Searches vs. Wikipedia ====== 
 +|Google searches the entire internet. ​ Note the kind of suggestions made in the drop-down box under the Google input box.\\ [[http://​www.google.com/​search?​q=hvac&​sourceid=navclient-ff&​ie=UTF-8&​rlz=1B3GGGL_enUS300US300|Google search for HVAC]].\\ [[http://​www.google.com/​search?​q=refrigeration|Google search for refrigeration]]| 
 +|  {{:​blog:​gw-3.jpg|}} ​ | 
 +|Searching for HVAC brings up 17,400,000 web pages plus lots of advertising. ​ The information you want is probably out there somewhere, but it takes a while to browse that many pages.| 
 +|  {{:​blog:​gw-4.jpg|}} ​ | 
 +|Wikipedia is just one website on the internet. ​ It is designed to give more focused answers than Google. ​ Every suggestion it makes is to another page in Wikipedia| 
 +|  {{:​blog:​gw-1.jpg|}} ​ | 
 +|Notice the difference in color in the text on Wikipedia. ​ Each blue word or phrase is a link to another part of Wikipedia. ​ This makes it easy to go from [[WP>​HVAC]] to [[WP>​air-conditioning]].[[WP>​refrigeration|Wikipedia article on refrigeration]].| 
 +|  {{:​blog:​gw-2.jpg|}} ​ |
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