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 +[ Main Page | [[modtoc|Table of Contents]] ]
 +====== NetNews Moderator'​s Handbook ======
 +This archival copy of NetNews Moderator'​s Handbook was retrieved from [[http://​web.archive.org|http://​web.archive.org]] on Monday, 20 April 2009: [[http://​moleski.net/​newsgroups/​landfield/​|unedited html version.]]
 +No change has yet been made in the contents of the Handbook. ​ I've just been doing the basic work of getting the original text into wiki format. ​ It's clear that it needs a very thorough revision. ​ A lot has happened since it was actively maintained (1996-2001).
 +The Handbook was originally (and still may be) available at [[http://​www.landfield.com/​usenet/​moderators/​handbook/​|http://​www.landfield.com/​usenet/​moderators/​handbook/​]].
 +[[modtoc|Table of Contents]] ​
 +The first Dokuwiki draft was done using [[http://​www.dokuwiki.org/​tips:​htmltowiki|Html2DokuWiki Converter GUI for Win32]].
 +Comments & corrections:​ [[moleski@canisius.edu|moleski@canisius.edu]]
 +<​html><​div align="​center">​
 +© <a href=copyright.html>​Copyright <​strong>​The Landfield Group</​strong>,​ 1996-2001</​a>​
 +<​br>​All rights reserved
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