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 +===== 4. Role of a moderator =====
 +Moderating a newsgroup is a volunteer effort but it carries certain responsibilities. The role of a moderator is to review, approve and post articles relevant to a newsgroup according to the group'​s charter or guidelines.
 +If an article does not qualify for posting, it is to be sent back to the author with an explanation of why it is not suitable for posting.
 +Depending on the nature of the group, acceptable turnaround time can range from a few days to a few weeks. If posts accepted for the group have a long delay before being actually posted, as happens with moderated net magazines, it is a good idea to let the submitter know that the post was accepted, and what the approximate posting date will be.
 +[ [[index|Main Page]] | [[modtoc|Table of Contents]] | [[mod03|Previous]] | [[mod05|Next]] ]
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 +<​em>​NetNews Moderator'​s Handbook</​em>​
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