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 +====== phpmyadmin config.inc.php ====== 
 +Using the sock seemed to get me out of some difficulties once.  It also caused some problems once when there were two different specifications of where the sock should be.  What a headache! 
 +$cfg['​Servers'​][$i]['​host'​] = '​localhost';​ 
 +$cfg['​Servers'​][$i]['​connect_type'​] = '​tcp';​ 
 +$cfg['​Servers'​][$i]['​socket'​] = '/​var/​lib/​mysql/​mysql.sock';​ 
 +$cfg['​Servers'​][$i]['​auth_type'​] = '​cookie';​ 
 +$cfg['​Servers'​][$i]['​extension'​] = '​mysqli';​ 
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