My Great Western Auto Tour

Thursday, April 18: Kalona, Iowa.

Page last updated May 17, 2002.

Today, Regina and I assembled Lee's ultralight. It was given to him by a man in Michigan. Lee trailered it back in big pieces. They went together fairly easily, all things considered. By the time Lee came home from work, the job was 90% complete. He modified a couple of small parts, and we fired up the engine and took turns sitting at the controls. Having the engine and prop making noise right behind your head is much better than the standard "Brrrrum, brrrrum" used by boys all over the world. Lee has to get some paperwork and check with the original owner to see how to tension the flight cables, and then he will be ready to play test pilot.

Six or seven cats live in the house. Cleo took off one evening and hasn't come home yet. Tom came to visit last night and ate a whole can of kittles. It was my job during the day to keep the kittens out of the house. I had no success until I learned to use the back door. The kittens were just too fast and smart to let me go in and out of the garage.

When my laundry is done, I'll go visit Regina's menagerie, then drift west and south to visit Betsy in Maloy, Iowa. It is just a few hours away. After that comes the long haul to Truckee.