My Great Western Auto Tour

Friday, April 26: Truckee to Sacramento, CA.

Page last updated May 19, 2002.

This morning, Frank and I packed the car with the boxes and hauled the rest of the stuff down into the garage until I'm finished sorting the first batch. The remaining files are on top of the cabinets--most of the drawers are now empty. I felt really good about getting this stuff out of their closet. I'm sure they'll enjoy having the extra space in their house.

It is a short ride over Donner's Pass and downhill to Sacramento. I stopped at the rim repair shop, but was not able to get the rim trued while I was in town. California is a great place to own a classic car. Here is Dom's Tuna Boat, awaiting restoration. It could sit there for years and never look worse for the wear. The dry climate preserves the sheet metal.

Vincent and Tarah.

Tarah's friend, Nicole--fellow Brownie and soccer player.


Jacqueline helped me put the photos in this web page, but didn't want to write any commentary. As it turns out, she's the only one in the family that I failed to photograph. I have a lot to learn about taking pictures diplomatically.