My Great Western Auto Tour

Monday, April 29: Garberville, California, to Portland, Oregon, cont'd.

Page last updated May 29, 2002.

One long stretch of route101 in Oregon moves inland because of sand dunes. I just caught glimpses of them as I drove north. I called Dez and Julie around 5:00 PM from Gold Beach to report my progress, or lack thereof. I hadn't checked the map until then, and I was quite surprised how much further I still had to go. I decided to stay on the coast road until it got dark, then cross the hills and mountains to the interior of the state and pick up I-5, the dreaded high-speed low-view expressway. The cross-road was dark, twisty, and long. When I finally got my bearings on I-5 around 10:30 PM, I called again. Dez said to finish the ride. I got there about midnight and we talked until 2:00 AM. He gave me a copy of linux and a map CD to help me plan the rest of the trip. If I ever come back this way, I'll allow three days to look at trees and trace the coast.

Monday, April 29: Garverville, California, to Portland, Oregon