My Great Western Auto Tour

Saturday, May 4: Calgary, Alberta

Page last updated May 29, 2002.

In the morning after making us eggs and potatoes, Dale drove over to pick up Pauline. We spent part of the afternoon climbing Nose Hill, inspecting the damage done by a grass fire there last year, and surveying the housing developments that have spread out from Calgary. I had shown Pat, Dale, and Pauline my Portland flower photographs, so they helped me find and photograph every crocus on Nose Hill and their garden.

I took this picture of people almost by accident. I wanted a picture of the house. Pauline led the way on our walk. On the return trip, I persuaded Pat and Dale to jump behind a neighbor's bushes to see how long it would take Pauline to realize that her troops had gone AWOL. The results of the experiment were inconclusive.

A Nose Hill crocus.

For those who have eyes to see, Pat and Dale's house is in this photo.

The summit of Nose Hill. Pauline likes to practice her rock-climbing skills here.

A friendly neighbor out playing hackey-sack.

Pat and Dale's winter garden:

Saturday, May 4: Calgary, Alberta